Interview with Daniela Pavone

Daniela Pavone is the creative mind behind the Yarnbomb Trivento Festival that took place in Italy this summer and she tells us all about it! Come check it out!

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Interview with Lace in the Moon

Are you loving all these rad, guerrilla artist interviews as much as I am? I hope so because they're not stopping any time soon! Today I am rather pleased to introduce Nicole of Lace in the Moon. Nicole is a yarn artist based in the States who only learned to crochet this year! This is super exciting because she and her crocheted art have pulled off some impressive feats already-she met her celebrity idol! To find out what she did, and how she did it- grab your cuppa and hit the couch, because you are in for a nice time!*******************************************************************************Tell us about yourself and your art.Hiii! My name is Nicole aka Lace in the Moon. I am 26 years old and currently reside in Philadelphia, PA with a couple of roommates and my cat, Moose :) I grew up outside of Washington, DC and moved to Philly exactly 2 years ago.20180925_191503I'm at an interesting point in my life, to say the least haha- you might call it a quarter life crisis, or you might just call it trying to stay true to who I am. As a twentysomething who feels at a crossroads in her life, what I have come to realize lately is that art is the only thing that makes me feel anything really!!And it's been only the past 4 months that I've decided to go full speed ahead with trying to pursue this passion- although sometimes it feels as if I'm going at a snail's pace ;) I have always loved mixed media art and texture and once I found crochet I knew that this was my perfect medium.20180925_184049How did you get into crochet and yarnbombingI didnt even know what yarnbombing was until about a year and a half ago when I discovered a couple different crochet artists through Instagram. I had never picked up a hook before but felt so inspired by these artists (specifically London Kaye) and wanted to learn how to beautify the fences in my neighborhood.007-lace-in-the-moon-2I watched YouTube videos nonstop for a couple weeks and started experimenting with shapes and patterns. I was drawn to yarnbombing initially because it was a way to create street art without having to have drawing or painting skills (which I admittedly lack!!)- but what I found I loved most about it was the act of installing a piece, interacting with passerbys, and walking away wondering how many people might stop and smile.20180925_191714You've made it in the news with a couple big projects; tell us about themYes I have!! I'm assuming you are referencing my Taylor Swift inspired yarnbombs, aka my claim to fame hahah :) I installed a series of three Taylor Swift pieces, each with different lyrics, throughout the city in attempts to catch her or her team's attention before her show in Philly.20180925_191525I didn't think much would come of it, however, after putting up the second piece, I was contacted by a writer from the Philadelphia Inquirer and was written about in the paper and on crazy right?!? When I put up the third piece, another writer from Newsweek asked to do a story about me. Somehow, some way, the stars aligned and me and four of my best friends got to meet our girl Tay :) It was such a cool experience and so fun to watch it all play out.20180925_185024I've also had a couple shout outs by a local street art blog, Streets Dept, which has really helped me grow my audience.What are you working on now?I have a couple of projects in the works for the extremely near future! The first is a collaboration with a wheatpaste artist here in Philly. She does some really funky work and her subject matter is a little bit darker than what I typically do. We will be doing a large install (over 10 feet) and what I'm most excited about is juxtaposing her black and white, flat wheatpastings with my textured, bright yarn.The second project I'm working on is an installation at a local restaurant/bar in Philly called Tattooed Moms. This place is awesome because the entire upstairs is completely covered in artwork- mostly stickers, graffiti, and posters. I will be installing a large piece above a couch and am excited to bring some more texture to the space. It's also a big deal for me because this will be the first time I will be putting up a piece inside!20180925_184137How do you get inspired?I get inspired by literally everything, but mainly lyrics, words, and rhymes... weird color combos, textures, and patternes... abandoned spaces, walls, funky doors... walking down the craft isle, browsing "bright neon yarn" on Google :)20180925_183831What's the next big project-dream?Honestly, I am just trying to work my hardest and really see where my yarnbombing can take me. I would LOVE to partner with prop stylists, movie sets, wedding planners, markets, or anyone who wishes to collaborate in attempts to beautify spaces. Ultimately, I would love to create my own brand and yarnbomb as a living... but baby steps for now ;)20180829_183218How has your yarnbombing adventure changed you? /What have you learned?This might sound a little farfetched but I mean it fulheartedly when I say that yarnbombing has helped me realize the potential I have at being able to live and lead a creative life.20180915_220106I am slowly learning that you really can do anything you set you mind to as long as you put in the time and effort and passion. I am SO excited to continue crocheting and seeing where this newly found talent of mine can take me.Screenshot_20180925-184434_InstagramWhat are your essential yarnbombing tools?Lately I've been doing large scale yarnbombs so my essential tools have evolved a bit than from when I was putting up small pieces. For anything large scale, the most essential tool is a ladder!!!20180925_185117Another essential tool is the hyperlapse mode on my camera- I love filming the act of installing my yarnbombs and this allows for me to speed up what is usually about an hour and a half of installing into a 2/3 minute video!20180925_185130I feel so lame saying this last "essential tool," but its probably the most important... staying hydrated and having ample water!! So important in the summer when the heat is beaming down!What would you suggest to someone who feels stuck creatively?Just do something. Anything. Even if you hate it and it sucks, it's better than sitting on your couch comparing yourself to others (trust me, I've done that so many times, and still do)! Pour some paint on a canvas and watch it drip off the sides, or wrap some string around a chair, or rearrange your bookshelf by color order. Just start playing for the sake of playing, and not to create a masterpiece.20180812_145449I have a pile of random failure pieces in my room, but every now and then I don't completely hate something and it's a great feeling! As artists and creatives, we are our own worst critics, so try to remember that everything you make isn't going to be amazing and that's totally okay!Screenshot_20180812-154028_Instagram************************************************************************************I am so grateful to Nicole/Lace in the Moon for sharing her story and art with us. Am I alone in feeling all amped up and ready to make something now...even if it's not perfect? I doubt it. Comment below if you're also feeling the good, inspired vibes and itching to get making.Before you go and make something though, head over to Instagram to follow Nicole-it's the best way to stay on top of her work and keep the inspiration alive. We'd love to hear from you in the future too so be sure to tag us both and show us what you're working on (you can find me here or you can use #rockvandals). Together we're crafting a creative community so let's stay in touch!

Interview with Googlyness

Ah, September. Everything kicks back into gear in September, including interviews with rocking guerilla artists. Hurray! These interviews have made for a super fun project: It's been amazing to pick the brains of  so many rad. artists-both to learn about their inspiration and share their stories and funky fresh art work. So good! I definitely encourage you to take a peek through the archives to get turned on to their various types of yarn, rock and plastic art but not before you read all about Googlyness.Googlyness is based in Peterborough, Ontario and is a major lover of googly eyes! You're going to love her style, it's really simple, clean and smile inducing.  I'm certain the extent of her 'googlyness' will surprise you too, so read on!****************************************************************************************Tell us about yourself, your art and how you got into this form of guerrilla art.I've been a maker of things my whole life. I love creating. As a goofy person, I've also long been a lover of googly eyes. One winter's day on a whim, I just decided to start eyeing things. It was only a few days later when I started Googlyness on Instagram.received_878559842335079I am a silly & weird person. When I see a fabulous face in the wild, I want to share it with the world. Happiness begets happiness, and all that. Knowing that something that brought me great joy is also bringing joy to the viewer, is kind of magical. It has been wonderful to share my pieces with people who have a similar bent.received_540287049736745What is your process?I like going out just before dawn, when the world is more quiet and there is less of a chance that I'll be caught. When caught I will readily confess, but I prefer to move within the shadows, where the faces I uncover live. I will commit Googlyness at any time of day or night. It is nice being able to lose myself in creativity when I'm not looking over my shoulder.received_1933331650294533When I get busted, it's usually by someone whose job it is to care for the property. They are usually concerned something is wrong and they worry that I am taking photographs for their head office. I try to have my Instagram page loaded up so that I can show them that I'm working on an art project. I'll point out why/how I see the current piece and let them look at some of the shots I have taken of that area. I assure them that I'm only looking to make smiles. I usually get a smile in return and then I'm encouraged to carry on. I feel very lucky that my community is so supportive.IMG_20180814_163214_890I prefer self adhesive googly eyes, for convenience sake. I also use double sided tape to affix some of my other eyes. The added benefit to using the self adhesive type is that when the eyes finally wear off, their circular eyeprints are still suggestive.I'm a googly eye purist. I like plain googly eyes, without any colour or added detail. I use eyes that are the same size 99% of the time. I have experimented a bit with coloured eyes, and occasionally incorporate non-googly eyes into some of my pieces. No matter, whether I'm creating with my fancy schmancy eyes or googly eyes, I want them to be as simple and as visually striking as possible. I want my googly eyes to stare directly into the viewer's eyes, and stir one's soul.IMG_20180808_145517_761If i see a face that i don't have the right supplies for, I make a mental note to return later when I have suitable eyes. however, 95% percent of my faces are created on the spot. It's very much a lovely, frenzied improvisation. The very fleeting nature of the art also intrigues me. I do not compose anything at the site. Everything is as I have found it; I only add eyes. The only exceptions to this might be in moving a branch out of the way, or nudging something to capture the photograph.IMG_20180812_132858_183Were you inspired by other googly-artists? Are there others?Before I started embracing the googlyness, I had seen some great googly eyes pictures on Facebook, but I hadn't really immersed myself in it. I was a complete noob to both the googly world and Instagram the day I began my Instagram account. Only after I made my first post and starting looking around did I see how many other googly artists there were around the world. I didn't expect to be the only googly artist, but I was thrilled to see so many talented and creative artists. I must have likebombed a gazillion posts that first day. I was enchanted and amazed by all of them; I still am!IMG_20180815_133553_528In the beginning my inspiration was boredom and a burning need to create. But the more time I spent on Instagram, the more I was inspired by other eyebombers and pareidoliacs. I love seeing how others interpret a very similar object or scene. People are kind of amazing that way.Where have you installed?I've done pieces everywhere I think I can get away with it - from an old jail that was turned into a park, to fast food bathrooms to places of business. If there is a personality hidden somewhere, I'll try to tease it out and share it.received_304029570401670Any project really stand out for you?I have some personal favourites. They are as opposite in feeling/place as one could imagine, but the faces will forever be stuck in my mind.received_326875994732220What lessons has this hobby brought you?It often amazes how different the same brick wall can look in different light, at different times of day and in different weather. It really reinforces for me how taking a second look at something can be enriching. Taking one's time with something is it's own reward. As someone who fights with my Type A personality, this constantly reinforces the need for me to take time to smell the roses. I never regret it.received_414495865747021Any advice for an aspiring guerrilla artist?I think guerrilla art is essential in this day and age. It feels like the more buildings and streets are made to be uber uniform, the more art needs to be made in order to interrupt this. Guerrilla art is what makes a place unique. One can gather a good sense of a place by what art is encouraged. Even more telling of a community than the encouraged, is the type of art that is tacitly tolerated in the collective arena. I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity of guerrilla artists around the world.IMG_20180904_173659_206I try to be as respectful as possible when I create. I try not to adhere and leave eyes on surfaces that could easily be marred, or to surfaces where they will be instant garbage or at risk of being consumed. I'm sure I have made some errors in judgement in my beginnings, but my goal is to bring levity with my art, not frustration for the recipient.What has been the response to your work?When I started, I was hoping for a few giggles from like-minded people. I have totally blown away by the level of support I have received from my local and Instagram communities. I feel safe in taking creative chances because I know that I have their backing. We have a very rich art community in Peterborough, and knowing that my work is going to be appreciated by passersby always feels great. IMG_20180810_154034_337Do you have an installation dream or goal?I have a couple of ideas for a large scale installations, I just need to get all my ducks in a row to make it happen. Keep an eye out for more shenanigans!received_483257748746547Do you carry googly eyes everywhere you go?Yes! I always, *always* have googly eyes with me! In my bag I currently have 7 different sizes of googly eyes. I also have an assortment of more realistic glass eyes, and some smaller doll eyes for when the mood strikes for something different. I usually do a googly eye version for each piece, even if my plan is to feature the piece with the more unique eyes.20180911_110050A lot of pieces I create are for the passerby, and not the viewer of a photograph. (I don't post photographs of everything I do.This means I need a seemingly unending supply of googly eyes. Currently I have about 150 pairs of eyes packed and ready to make faces happen.Their visages await me.****************************************************************************************I am loving this interview series! Its so cool to plug into the diversity of guerilla art worldwide, and extra cool to hear from a fellow Canuck! Thanks so much Googlyness for shining your light and taking the time to share it with us. You can keep up with her googlyness on Instagram so head over there and follow her.Be sure to comment below to say hey, with your favourite Googly or to let me know if you have suggestions for future interviewees.  I have more interviews lined up too so, so stay tuned!