Interview with Daniela Pavone

This is so great! I have been waiting for this interview to drop for almost a whole year!

I got wind of a yarnbombing festival brewing in the mountains of Italy back in January and I knew had to contribute, AND get the details for you! So here it is, the long awaited, much anticipated Interview with Daniela Pavone!

Daniela is the mastermind behind the Yarnbomb Trivento Festival and she tells us everything! You have to check out her insta account to get a sense of all the art, because there is so much and its all sooo good-and the backdrop is absolutely incredible!

But before you go do that, take a peek and what she has to say below about where the idea came from, how many artists were involved and shares data on the organizational components of the Coachella of Crochet!

Tell us about the origins/ beginning of the idea to make this festival.

The idea came to me when I looked at an Instagram photo of an installation by Purl Queen at Folkestone (UK).

Looking at her picture I imagined what effect those colors would have had on the typical stone houses of the historical center of Trivento.

I thought it would be nice for artists from all over the world to exhibit their work simultaneously in a remote place in the world 🙂

I contacted Lucia Santorelli, who organized other yarn bombing events in Trivento, including the longest crochet rug in the world and the 6 meter tall Christmas tree tree. She liked the idea and so we started it!

What were the goals of this event?

Exclusively three: make the art of ‘Yarn Bombing’ known, promote the local territory and do charity.

Heart Art by  @hijennybrown

Heart Art by @hijennybrown

How many people (organizers, volunteers and artists) were involved?

Our association 'Un filo che Unisce' has been helped by the citizens, the local promotion office and all the friends who work in crochet that follow us on social networks. The artists involved there were about 130! The total cannot be calculated, gadgets for charity sales from all over the world are arrived.

How did the community respond?

With great enthusiasm! Over the years, in some Molise’s countries, the tourist turnout has dropped dramatically. These events have brought attention to our realities and, in particular in Trivento which has become a "City of the Crochet", tourists have come from all over Europe. 

What did you learn from organizing this/ what was the take-home message?

The event was really important, it would have put anyone in the organization into trouble. I've never been afraid of making mistakes, I realized that if you really believe in something, you're not afraid and if you are not afraid, everything is well! 

It’s more important that human relationships are the most powerful thing in the world.

What were the big challenges?

Improve the event organizing at a professional level but without financial resources. We are a charity so everything was done with material help and personal attitudes.

Tell us about some of the tech or apps that helped facilitate the event.

We used an app to guide visitors along the route (Loquis) and, thanks to geo-location, it was possible for them to have information regarding the work and the artist who found themselves in front of it. (*So it was very similar to a traditional gallery!)

Art by @yarn_artist

Art by @yarn_artist

What element/s are you most proud of?

I am proud that so many artists have believed in us, dedicated their time and donated us their work.

What happens to the art now/can it be used again?

The works are on sale for the project 'Frammenti di luce' of Fondazione Bambino Gesù Onlus. The works unsold  will be used for future events, always for charity.

Art by @ alimaravillas

What is the long term vision for this event/ will it happen again next year?

Yes Sure!!! We are thinking about the theme, something important to talk about through art.

Kangaroos by @ thegladrappers

Kangaroos by @thegladrappers

Where can we find more information, see the prom video and immerse ourselves in this?

The documentary is in progress and soon we will be able to relive those magnificent days made of art, enthusiasm and friendship.

Art by @ 1000fiosa1000

Anything else to share?

I would like to say that 'Trivento Città dell'Uncinetto' is honored to have been called the 'Coachella' of Crochet.

We hope that it will become an annual meeting point for all the people who love this ancient art.

We will work hard to welcome everyone in the best way and we hope to be able to help all the artists who did not participate this year, because of the high cost of shipping. We will ask for the help of the embassies as it has been possible with the Embassy of Mexico.

Photos courtesy of @paol.scarano

Doesn’t that look like the funest event ever? A yarnbombing festival in the mountains of Italy!? I mean come on! Lets go! Yoga and Yarnbomb retreat next year, and every year of life? Who’s with me?

I am so grateful that Daniela took this on and agreed to share it with us. Doesn’t it look so great? I am just blown away by all the art and incredible installations. What an amazing community of creativity and generosity she’s creating and highlighting! Thank you Daniela for directing your energy and effort like this and making us apart of it!

With 130 artists involved I wasn’t able to show everyone’s work so pop over to Daniela’s Instagram and follow her to see it all. It’s seriously amazing!

I have a couple more interviews lined up and I couldn’t be more excited about them so….stay tuned! No spoilers!