Wheatpasting Street Art: 3 Easy Steps

This project couldn't have been easier! As a result I was able to crank out quite a few and leave my mark on both Newfoundland and Ontario. As you know, I love covering the world with my crafty street art and given how easy these were, it meant I was able to actualize my dream of making a little crafty street art 'alley' here in Twill and also contribute to the Super Art Crawl in Hamilton. Bonus!

Anyways, I thought I'd walk you through the process just in case you have a hankering to try your hand at a completely harmless form of temporary street art.Ready? Here we go:IMG_2080Step 1: Select an image.I photocopied a bunch of images from an adult colouring book called Magnificent Creatures. This is where most of my images came from. Just regular photocopying on regular paper.

IMG_1558IMG_2084There were a few that I made my own though, including this map of Newfoundland and the moose-head. The map began as an outline, I divided it up into regions and included fun shapes for colouring.

IMG_1581The moose head actually began life as a photo of a 3D wire sculpture! It was especially cool though because once printed it sectioned perfectly for colouring.

IMG_2097Step 2: Colour with pencil crayons.I didn't try markers because I have a theory they would run and pencil crayons were working so well.  That said I have heard oil based markers will work well too. Perhaps this is something to try for the future, or perhaps you can let me know?IMG_1579Step 3: Make up your wheat-paste and start pasting.It's super easy and totally bio-degrable. All you are doing is boiling up flour, sugar and water. Then paint it to your surface, the back of your image and then over top the whole thing. Presto bango, crafty street art for days, and days!IMG_2157If you are in Twill, I am happy to report that the wolf and octopus are still holding up very well up on Froudes Hill (our new street art 'alley') alongside Everyday & Every way. Go check it out and send me a selfie or if you are feeling very mischievous, perhaps you can make your own contribution? This my lovelies is actually gentle encouragement for all of you, no matter where in the world you are, to go forth and make your mark on the world and let me know about it!If you're not quite certain what to paste up, pop over to my insta and scope out whether I'm doing a giveaway. I'd be delighted to share with you because as you know, I aim to cover the entire globe in my crafty street art and collabing in this manner is extra, extra fun! :) Even more fun perhaps if you want to do an exchange of some sort? Whatever, just know I'd down for crafty street art adventures of all sorts!IMG_1609