Here lies...Privacy

At one time 'privacy' may have been as simple as closing the blinds and minding your words around the town watering-hole but with the passage of time comes change.imageAs we move towards an increasingly connected and technology oriented society we come to rely on computers and algorithms to support our daily routines and communications. While undoubtably convenient, there is a cost to 'free' programs and applications which when left to our own "devices" we have a tendency to ignore.Regardless of whether we have something to hide or not, privacy is a human right that requires thoughtful consideration and ongoing protection...Privacy must live!

"Privacy-like eating and breathing-is one of life's basic requirements."Katherine Neville, author.

This piece is composed of repurposed fence and stickered letters, and can be found in the hills between Twillingate and Durrell.imageIt is intended to surprise hikers and of course spark a discussion around personal ideals of privacy in the here and now.  What do you think? Has our collective approach to privacy changed since our reality has become more virtual?image