Yarnstorming Montreal

Montreal is a fabulous place, especially for a long weekend celebrating Mother's Day. While touring the city, it was obvious I wasn't the only one who thought it was a perfect destination for a city-escape with the Mama.I've got a well rehearsed vacation itinerary now that can fit almost any destination and when things are particularly well planned it involves yarnbombing.IMG_1420This was one of those times when the stars, sun and moon aligned in every conceivable way, ensuring an absolutely wonderful time. In my world, it doesn't get any better than Montreal bagels and lox, a visit to the spa, Cirque du Soliel and knit-grafitti. And to share it all with my mama, well that's the absolute best!This yarnbomb was temporarily installed on St.Denis street and inconspicuously watched over from a distance. In my enthusiasm, I anticipated a highly excited and enthusiastic response from passerbys-while my mother was concerned the piece would be snatched up and carried off.IMG_1437Ultimately, no one touched it; In fact I can't be sure anyone even saw it! Regardless, it was a fun exercise to release the knitting to the world and call for a celebration of mothers...a la francais too!This was my first out of province, Canadian yarnbomb and was based on a pattern from a designer in Toronto who owns and operates the Knit Cafe. It's also the first time I've experimented with glue, aptly called Guerilla glue, which I figure must be intended for guerilla-art.IMG_1642Be sure to stay tuned for more adventures with yarnbombing... and glue; this weekend provided a few extra hours of transit-knitting so you can be sure I've got more crafty street art coming at ya!IMG_1436In the mean time, did anyone else connect with their mother/daughter over arts and crafts this past weekend?