Home is where the Art is

Normally, it's my crafty street art that's warm and fuzzy but today it's the message.I've got a bit of a surplus of projects on the go right now. In anticipation of the best week of the year for a knitting, street crafter I am simultaneously working on a few things, some of which are almost ready for installation.This piece took the lead from behind though. Last week I hadn't even conceived it, and this week, here it is.IMG_1450This piece obviously fired up my enthusiasm. Perhaps it's because that when taken literally it reflects how I have been living these past few years.If you've been following the blog for some time, you'll know that I've been a bit nomadic lately and that the longer I stay somewhere the more art piles up. There is another lovely interpretation though and that speaks to my personal sense of 'home'.IMG_1711Pondering the message is only necessary if passerby's notice the doily though, and that might be tough given it's location.Abandoned places often fall in our blind spots but hiding things in plain sight is part of the fun of guerila art and street craft.IMG_1696This house is hardly on a busy track but it does get some pedestrian traffic. It's right by the ocean, on Upper Jenkins Cove Road in Durrell (Twillingate's Brooklyn) and en route to an amazing hike along the cliffs.  I figure few will see it, but the few who do, will be delighted-because who doesnt love a house covered with doilies?How observant are you in your community? Do you think you would notice if someone started decorating an old, abandoned house on your block?IMG_1695As mentioned, I've got a few more crafty street art projects up my sleeve in anticipation of my favourite week of the year. I love the first week in June because World Wide Knit in Public Day and International Yarnbomb Day both fall on June 10th!I celebrated in 2015 with Old Manolis & the Sea in Twillingate, and from Koh Phangan last year, amidst my yoga teacher training, with a special project on 'Hoppiness'.imageThis year, I'm calling out to my gangsters! All knitters (and crocheters) are invited to re-unite at the Captains Pub from 2.30 to 4.30 to chat all things knitting and gang related.If you're not local join us virtually by sending a pic of your celebration via Instagram or comment below and fill us in on how your community celebrates. We'd love to hear from you, especially if you're up fiber-fabulousness.World Oceans Day also falls in that same week so you can expect a fancy new, ocean-themed yarnbomb to be hitting the windy streets of Twill very, very soon.AND International Yarnbomb Day is the final deadline to have a chance at winning our Yarnbomb Giveaway. Have you ever wanted to try yarnbombing? Well, it doesnt get any easier than this!So there you have it, the week of June 8-15 is a very exciting time for knitting, street craft enthusiast's who live by the sea and now you know why! I hope you join in on the celebration.