Free NFLD Yarnbomb

Newfoundland has one piece of iconic grafitti that aims to stir the embers of nationalism buried in many Newfoundlanders' hearts. You see, the island province of Newfoundland was it's own country until it joined confederation with Canada in 1949.IMG_1389Free NFLD was originally coined by artist Wallace Ryan to promote Newfoundland nationalism. It appeared on posters around the capital city of St. John's in the 1980's and re-surfaced as anonymous grafitti in the 90's.7F0076BB-E68F-4DAF-BF40-8D079D0BD256-6353-000005333D308E31_tmpIt lives on as the grafitti of Newfoundland pride- popping up on the streets of Toronto in the early 2000's and reappearing again in St.Johns in 2015. Today, the guaranteed way to see it is on t-shirts for sale downtown.The original grafitti was washed away well before the Rock Vandals formed but it's hard to not feel compelled by the independent streak it represents.IMG_1374Of course, the Free NFLD knitfitti version has a slightly different intention than the original slogan-theories of which you can read about here.The aim of this piece is to promote appreciation of the beauty of Newfoundland and inspire gratitude for the freedom outport living provides....particularly the freedom to partake in yarnbombs and street-craft!IMG_1380After more than a year of travelling it's incredibly nice to be 'home' and this yarnbomb serves as a nod of thanks to the Twillingate community-who's shown nothing but 'warmth' towards the yarn encroachment.IMG_1382This yarnbomb was installed on March 18, 2017 down the h'arm, in Durrell. It is Durrell's first yarnbomb and showcases the extensively spectacular natural beauty of the area.'Free NFLD' is able to elicit feelings of nationalism in Newfoundlanders, just as 'Vive Le Québec' is able to do for Québécois. What slogan does your homeland associate with? Anyone know Canada's slogan or motto? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter and Instagram-I love hearing from you!-Knit well, Be well.

Crafting A Mantra: Will Can Do

Wisdom bomb, mantra bomb, craftbomb...I dont know what to call it but I like it! I heard a quote recently about how if you knew how powerful your thoughts were, you'd never have a negative thought again. This newest 'craftbomb' is inspired by this idea.I often use symbols in my crafty street art to spread an idea or message but rarely words. This is partly because I have been travelling through Asia where English is not the primary language; but also because knitted shapes are able to communicate non-verbally rather well. That said, my knitting mojo has been low since I finished the yarnbomb for Vietnam, so I needed to switch things up. Fortunately, my backpack-crafting kit is able to accommodate both knitting and embroidery and I had a project on back order. FYI: Embroidery is an excellent craft for long term travel on account of its very impressive portability. One additional point for Embroidery please!img_1264Now back to the importance of words. Words have a powerful effect on us, both consciously and subconsciously. Some people leverage this wisdom, by repeating valuable and empowering messages, or mantras to themselves during times of frustration or struggle. It may not seem like a radical technique, but you can be sure it's an effective one. In the short-term, you have a strategy that can boost your energy and morale when you're ready to give up. In the long-term, your consistent efforts pay off in the form of an empowered world view. Whats not to love about that?img_1265These two shirts were completed on request by my favourite bearded man. They aren't my typical, street-arts and craft style, but they do trumpet a message for all to see. My hope is that they prime everyone who sees them to think positive, empowering thoughts. Just having them around the bungalow has definitely been an inspiring force for me. I've been applying the Will Can Do mantra to my crafting goals (and challenges) and come out feeling very ambitious. If you want a visual of the power of positive thinking, check out this wild video. This little guy clearly lives by the Will Can Do philosphy *pun intended!Will Can Do is a powerful mantra, one that can both pick you up and propel you forward when you need it. Anybody out there use a mantra? If not, give Will Can Do a try next time you feel challenged and be sure to check back in with your results in the comment section below.  I am on both Twitter and Instagram and would love to hear from you.Also, I am experimenting with a new look on the blog so take a tour and let me know what you think.

A Yarnstorm through Vietnam

I have now been backpacking through south-east Asia for eleven months. As I look back across the map I am totally awe-struck by the beauty of this part of the world.My travels have largely centred around visiting places of spectacular natural beauty. While I love to endulge in certain 'city-centric' luxuries (code for patisseries) I feel most at peace when immersed in nature.  This is also where I feel most empowered and responsible for my actions.imageWhile knitting this Yarnbomb for Vietnam, I thought about this responsibility. As this pattern required significant attention and careful interweaving of the various threads it was knot a quick knit. It began in Koh Phangan and came with me through Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat and Hoi An. It was tucked away in my backpack as I took trains, planes, taxis, buses and motorcycles-all the while surrounded by people from all over the world.imageThis year of knitting and travelling has highlighted a few things for me, one of which is how many people we share the planet with. I am pretty sure living on Mars will eventually become an option, but I don't think it's going to open up as an option for any of us alive right now. Thus, that leaves us with only one choice of where to live -Earth.imageThis knitting was installed in Hoi An- a beautiful lantern strewn city, protected by UNESCO world heritage site status and a major tourist draw. Knitting it made me think about how we are all interconnected with the earth and must take care of it for it to take care of us.imageDo you ever use your crafting as a meditation? I'de love to hear what everyone is thinking about during their current projects. I know it's holiday knitting season too, so perhaps this means you infuse specific ideas or emotions into your knits? Whatever you do, let me know in the comment section below or through Twitter. And if you want to see more pics from my adventures in Vietnam, be sure to check out my Instagram account.Knit well, be well.Knitty Gritty DetailsPattern provided by: Details: Knit with acrylic and cotton yarn and stuffed with plastic bags.Installed and removed on October 24, 2016 in Old Town, Hoi An, Vietnam.Currently on display at Starfruit Homestay(which is btw an excellent, budget accommodation choice if you are ever in the area)