Always Choose Love

Growing up I was a big fan of Jim Carrey mostly because I totally loved, loved, loved Ace Ventura. Ace Ventura plus The Truman Show, and the fact that Jim grew up very near where I did, made his rise to stardom particularily inspiring.This winter I watched Jim & Andy, which sent me down a bit of a Jim Carrey rabbit hole and culminated in watching this graduation speech. According to Jim we only have two choices in life, the choice between love and fear. IMG_20180120_1103259411I'm sure you have heard how Jim Carrey manifested his financial success by writing himself a cheque for ten million dollars, and five years later cashed a real one for the precise amount. In that commencement speech he holds himself up as proof that we have powerful minds which can be used to achieve our greatest desires. All we have to do is ask the Universe for what we want.I think this message resonates with me because it aligns so well with yogic philosophy, which states 'where the mind the goes, the energy flows'. If we focus on what we fear or dont want, guess where our minds are at? Alternatively, we can focus on what we do want and act from a place of positivity and love. With that idea seeded by yoga and watered by my childhood idol, Jim, I set my mind to sharing it with Twill-town!IMG_1752You might recall the spot actually. Last year I installed Life is Shirt here and it only lasted a few weeks. This year I sought permission, reminding myself to be patient and set my mind to assume the best outcome as I waited for a response. And guess what? It worked out perfectly.IMG_1750Thanks to the Universe for the lesson and a special thanks to Ms. Ashbourne for donating this space, located on Twillingate's north side across from Mr & Mrs Scoops.Always Choose Love was installed on Mothers Day and follows a similar knitted string style to this piece-which evolved into this Moose. Watch this space to see what happens to it next. I've got it all lined up for International Yarnbomb Day and am pumped to share with you!IMG_0033.jpegJune is fast approaching and is always the most exciting month of the year here on the blog. With World Wide Knit in Public Day AND International Yarnbomb Day on June 9th-there is a lot to look forward to. Will you be celebrating?IMG_1478I hope you'll join me at the annual event either at the Captains Pub here in Twillingate from 2-4, or at one of the many events taking place worldwide. I am cracking on another community yarnbomb idea (it's been way too long since we officially joined forces), so let me know if you are coming and want to partake in the fun. I could use your help and Twillingate could use your skills! :)And in the mean time/rest of time, let's all try to remember Jim's advice and yogic philosophy and always choose love-especially when it comes to our hopes and aspirations. ❤️