Knitted String Street Art

This was an experiment with a new yarnbombing style and I am delighted to report, success!I was originally inspired by a tattoo I saw that was one continuous line of ink. Then I stumbled across this drawing that I did a few years ago- inspired by Picasso's pencil drawings where the pencil is never lifted.There must have been one other source of inspiration too though, because they say it takes atleast three strikes to seed action. In which case, I'll credit the string artists of Instagram!My original intention was to make a cat, but that seemed a bit too Halloweeney for December so I started moving the shape around on my floor and realized that with enough i-cord, I could make anything! This is where I started to get really excited because being able to knit anything is my ultimate goal. I know anything is rather lofty but this new style does open a whole lot of doors!So, this piece is composed of about twelve feet of 100% Canadian wool, Briggs and Little to be exact, stitched into an i-c0rd loop; as well as one piece of knitted holly and berries. I 'winged' the berries (excuse the pun) but credit must go to Lesley Arnold-Hopkins for the free holly pattern (thank you for your generosity)!I assembled it on my living room floor and snapped a pic so I could replicate the proportions at installation. This turned out to be easier than expected as the holly was about the size of the beak. So with the holly as my guide and beak as my starting point, I was all set to tack up...The Dove. The whole affair took 10 minutes. It can be found 'downtown' Twillingate, across from the post office. If you do stumble upon it, snap a pic and share it with me online #rockvandals. I love, love, love when you share with me and your friends!For the rest of you, in lands far, far away-I scoped out a new sweet spot, again in downtown Twill, that's in need of some colour and life.  So, given my ambitious ambitions of being able to knit anything, do you have any knitted suggestions for my next project? I can't wait to hear from you! Comment below or hit me up on Twitter or Insta with your brilliant ideas...Ill be holding my breath!

Wheatpasting Street Art: 3 Easy Steps

This project couldn't have been easier! As a result I was able to crank out quite a few and leave my mark on both Newfoundland and Ontario. As you know, I love covering the world with my crafty street art and given how easy these were, it meant I was able to actualize my dream of making a little crafty street art 'alley' here in Twill and also contribute to the Super Art Crawl in Hamilton. Bonus!

Anyways, I thought I'd walk you through the process just in case you have a hankering to try your hand at a completely harmless form of temporary street art.Ready? Here we go:IMG_2080Step 1: Select an image.I photocopied a bunch of images from an adult colouring book called Magnificent Creatures. This is where most of my images came from. Just regular photocopying on regular paper.

IMG_1558IMG_2084There were a few that I made my own though, including this map of Newfoundland and the moose-head. The map began as an outline, I divided it up into regions and included fun shapes for colouring.

IMG_1581The moose head actually began life as a photo of a 3D wire sculpture! It was especially cool though because once printed it sectioned perfectly for colouring.

IMG_2097Step 2: Colour with pencil crayons.I didn't try markers because I have a theory they would run and pencil crayons were working so well.  That said I have heard oil based markers will work well too. Perhaps this is something to try for the future, or perhaps you can let me know?IMG_1579Step 3: Make up your wheat-paste and start pasting.It's super easy and totally bio-degrable. All you are doing is boiling up flour, sugar and water. Then paint it to your surface, the back of your image and then over top the whole thing. Presto bango, crafty street art for days, and days!IMG_2157If you are in Twill, I am happy to report that the wolf and octopus are still holding up very well up on Froudes Hill (our new street art 'alley') alongside Everyday & Every way. Go check it out and send me a selfie or if you are feeling very mischievous, perhaps you can make your own contribution? This my lovelies is actually gentle encouragement for all of you, no matter where in the world you are, to go forth and make your mark on the world and let me know about it!If you're not quite certain what to paste up, pop over to my insta and scope out whether I'm doing a giveaway. I'd be delighted to share with you because as you know, I aim to cover the entire globe in my crafty street art and collabing in this manner is extra, extra fun! :) Even more fun perhaps if you want to do an exchange of some sort? Whatever, just know I'd down for crafty street art adventures of all sorts!IMG_1609 

Life is Shirt...

Truer words can't be embroidered!Do you remember the long days of summer from when you were a kid? What happened to them? As far as I can tell, time is getting faster. Which suggests that time is going to continue to pass faster and faster. Oh my!Anyways, in an effort to slow things down and atleast acknowledge how quickly things are zipping along, I made something special for Twill town!IMG_1834I bought this shirt with the specific intention of turning it into street art but couldn't resist wearing it myself first. There is nothing like putting an idea or mantra on your back to really 'try it on for size'.IMG_1847Last years backpacking and crafting adventure really drove this idea home for me. I thought a year would last forever but it didnt, and now I'm grateful for the lesson than nothing lasts forever... in fact, life is shirt!I also heard a rumour that there is 'Summer is short here, dont mess it up' graffitti in Newfoundland's capital city of St.John's so this is my crafty street art response!lifeisshirtThis shirt was installed on July 14 on an abandoned old shop on Twillingate's main road. It's right across from Mr & Mrs Scoops so snacks are available to support your viewing experience.lifeisshirtwideIt blends in a bit with the colours of the building but I like that it doesn't scream for your attention. So similiar to this one, if you notice the old, boarded up place you'll be rewarded with a bit of fun but if not, no odds!As you can tell, I'm having a lot of fun decorating the abandoned buildings of Twillingate and I am happy to report that there is atleast one more that I've got my eye on.  Now, I just have to wait for creative inspiration to strike!In the mean time, I'de love to hear from you on how you slow time down and appreciate the good times. A friend in Cambodia used to say; "If you dont enjoy your life, who will?". So, fill me in on how your do it, in the comment section below or on Insta and Twitter. You knows I love hearing from you!Also, if you know people in the Twill-area I'de be super grateful if you shared this post: the internet is amazing for sharing but I think this one is best enjoyed in real life! Xo