Stencils in the City

Crime Stoppers launched a complete fail of a project in St.John's this summer. The idea was to remind folks of the important and anonymous role they play in keeping their cities safe.In reality though, the posters portrayed St. John's as a dangerous, crime riddled back-alley; not the charming jelly-bean town that Newfoundland tourism has been so diligently promoting.The campaign was particularly offensive to downtown business owners who felt the posters painted an unfair portrait of the city-so within days they were all torn down. The mood had been set though, and news reached not only Twillingate, but the mainland too. You can read about it here.With a trip to the city on the horizon a cheeky idea started to formulate.Inspired by the fabulous Ladies Fancywork Society use of doilies and spray paint, I went to town...literally and figuratively!I made three doilies with positive, everyday messages; messages that one would be quite likely to encounter throughout Newfoundland.I installed them on Duckworth and an alley off Water Street and then went home.By the time I arrived back in Twill, I had messages from three CBC reporters. They were rather excited by my response to the campaign and wanted to chat. You can read about it here.Of course, I was all fired up about doilies and spray paint then, so I made one for Gander too.From what I can tell, they're all still up too! I'll be back in St. John's in a couple weeks- installing art for the Out of Earshot Festival so will confirm (and remove) then.And now I want to know, what message-on-a-doily would you like to see in your community? Or better yet, what message does your community need to see? **Disclaimer: If you suggest something that can fit my doily, I might just make it for you! 😎I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so holler at me here in the comment section, or let's connect on insta- and then you can show me what you're making too!-Rock out