Free NFLD Yarnbomb

Newfoundland has one piece of iconic grafitti that aims to stir the embers of nationalism buried in many Newfoundlanders' hearts. You see, the island province of Newfoundland was it's own country until it joined confederation with Canada in 1949.IMG_1389Free NFLD was originally coined by artist Wallace Ryan to promote Newfoundland nationalism. It appeared on posters around the capital city of St. John's in the 1980's and re-surfaced as anonymous grafitti in the 90's.7F0076BB-E68F-4DAF-BF40-8D079D0BD256-6353-000005333D308E31_tmpIt lives on as the grafitti of Newfoundland pride- popping up on the streets of Toronto in the early 2000's and reappearing again in St.Johns in 2015. Today, the guaranteed way to see it is on t-shirts for sale downtown.The original grafitti was washed away well before the Rock Vandals formed but it's hard to not feel compelled by the independent streak it represents.IMG_1374Of course, the Free NFLD knitfitti version has a slightly different intention than the original slogan-theories of which you can read about here.The aim of this piece is to promote appreciation of the beauty of Newfoundland and inspire gratitude for the freedom outport living provides....particularly the freedom to partake in yarnbombs and street-craft!IMG_1380After more than a year of travelling it's incredibly nice to be 'home' and this yarnbomb serves as a nod of thanks to the Twillingate community-who's shown nothing but 'warmth' towards the yarn encroachment.IMG_1382This yarnbomb was installed on March 18, 2017 down the h'arm, in Durrell. It is Durrell's first yarnbomb and showcases the extensively spectacular natural beauty of the area.'Free NFLD' is able to elicit feelings of nationalism in Newfoundlanders, just as 'Vive Le Québec' is able to do for Québécois. What slogan does your homeland associate with? Anyone know Canada's slogan or motto? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter and Instagram-I love hearing from you!-Knit well, Be well.