Knittertainment: Knitting as Entertainment


Knitting as a form of entertainment has taken root in my mind and blossomed into many beautiful fruits. Yet nothing has flipped the switch quite like Norway's form of reality TV, also called slow TV, which inverts the relationship between knitting and entertainment.

Evolution of knitting

I, like most, approach knitting as a form of personal entertainment, something to keep my hands busy while sitting on the couch or watching 'Knit-flix'. It's only recently that this concept has expanded to include a social perspective and community platform.Here's how I see it: The "stitch and bitch" (or knitting group) unites people by taking the typically solitary and gendered act of knitting and makes it public and social.  Yarn bombing takes the knitted piece and places it in the public domain thus subverting your concept of place for knitting.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that knitting could be any more radical but here it is, the main event of a 12 hour, hit television series.

Entertainment of knitting

This week I've taken to listening to TEDtalks during my knitting and this is where I learned about the slow tv craze that Norway has introduced and embraced. Upwards of 50% of the population has tuned in for real time footage of a 7 hr train trip across the country, a 100 hr coast line cruise and my personal favourite, the 12 hr marathon that begins with sheep shearing, transitions into spinning and ends with a hand knit, manly jumper. The aim is break the Australian Guinness World Record for fastest knitting from sheep to sweater and it is surprisingly spell-binding!

Revolution of knitting

The only direction for the knitting revolution now is to lobby for a knitting network, how many sports networks do we really need anyways?Imagine EKPN: Entertainment and Knitting Programming Network with your favourite knitters 'cast-on' as knowledgable hosts, adorned in the most beautiful knitwear talking about anything and everything knit! Oh, wouldn't that nice?